Toby Howell

  • Graduated from Wenatchee High School in 1994

  • Graduated Spokane Falls CC in 1998 ( yes that is 4 years between high school and the community college graduation!)

  • Started the LockerRoom Show in 2003 with Bob Castle

  • Play by Play for GSL Football and Basketball, Spokane Shadow Soccer, Spokane Chiefs Hockey, SWX TV

  • Proud to have had 6 different co-hosts for the LockerRoom Show over the years.  Noone can really put up with me for too long!

  • Program Director of KGA and KJRB in Spokane

  • Loves the Seahawks, Mariners, Sonics, Gonzaga BB, Spokane Chiefs, Chicago Blackhawks, Golf, and UNC Basketball

Jim MooseJaw Miller


Moosejaw joined the LockerRoom Show as the “Baseball Expert” in 2006 with weekly appearances.  In 2011 MooseJaw became the full time co-host of the LockerRoom Show.  Moosejaw majored in Jounalism at Bowling Green University after growing up in Akron, Ohio.  He has spent time living Nashville, Atlanta, and of course Spokane.  Moosejaw has a daughter who is a Nun at St. Micheals here in Spokane and after you meet him you will see why that is odd.  Moosejaw has worked with the Spokane Chiefs, Spokane Indians, and several other radio outlets as well as the Spokane CDA Magazine in his time here in Spokane.  He’s an avid baseball fan along with college football.  He is also a Cleveland Brown apologist.  Moosejaw is also part of the sales department at Radio Spokane outside of his on air duties at KGA which also includes co hosting the Gonzaga Pre and Post Game Shows each gameday.


Show Synopsis

The LockerRoom with Toby and Moosejaw is a mix of sports and entertainment.  We strive to bring our audience the best interviews at topical times but even more important to us is to make the show a lot of fun.  Some might call us immature at times but that’s because both Moosejaw and I are young at heart.  There is quite a ying and yang throughout the show with Moosejaw and I being far apart in age.  It creates a battle of generations for example, where I might like interleague play in MLB, Moosejaw hates it because that’s not how it was back in the day.  We pride ourselves on listener and client interaction at a high level.  From the contesting in the show to being on the street doing promotions around the show, it’s all very important to both Moosejaw and myself.  We appreciate every listener that tunes in and appreciate that they have chosen to spend some of their time with us each afternoon.



Tiki and Tierney Show - 6:00 a.m.
Brock & Salk - 7:00 a.m.